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🎲 Bet Big on Sub-$5 AI Stocks: Huge Upside! 🌍 AI's Mammoth $1.3T 2030 Forecast 🔍 Palantir: AI Profit Powerhouse or Pretender?

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These AI Stocks Under $5 Have Triple-Digit Upside Potential, Says Analyst — Yahoo Finance

H.C. Wainwright analyst Scott Buck would most definitely agree. He has flagged a pair of stocks with a strong AI connection that could see their value climb by over 100% in the next year. And all of this for a cost of entry below $5. Let’s take a closer look.

C3.ai (AI) Reports Q1: Everything You Need To Know Ahead Of Earnings — Stockstory

AI software company C3.ai (NYSE:AI) will be announcing earnings results tomorrow after market close. Here's what you need to know. Last quarter C3.ai reported revenue of $72.4 million, flat year on year, beating analyst revenue expectations by 1.5%. It was a weaker quarter for the company, with full-year revenue guidance missing analysts' expectations and a decline in its gross margin. But revenues are expected to be up.

Baidu Launches Slew Of AI Applications After Ernie Chatbot Gets Public Approval — CNBC

Chinese tech giant Baidu announced more than 10 new AI-based applications on Tuesday, just days after its ChatGPT-like Ernie bot was released for public use. Among the product reveals was a generative AI-integrated word processing app called WPS AI, created by Shanghai-listed Kingsoft Office. The company built the tool using the AI model on which Baidu’s Ernie bot is based, as well as Baidu’s “Qianfan” cloud platform for AI models, according to a release.

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