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🚀 OpenAI's $1B Milestone 🧠 Real-Life Matrix? ✂ Goodbye Photoshop?

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OpenAI Approaches $1 Billion In Yearly Revenue — PYMNTS

OpenAI released ChatGPT Enterprise —Bloomberg report argues it’s the company’s largest effort to draw a wide range of business clients and increase revenue from its flagship offering. The company has said that the tool has been adopted by more than 80% of the companies on the Fortune 500. This new version was created to give companies a way to deploy the technology quickly, using it to improve communication, speed up coding tasks, deal with complex business questions and help with creative work.

AI Stocks That High-Yield Investors Will Love — Marketbeat

AI is hot. It is expected to grow at a 50% CAGR or higher for the next several years, which certainly looks true for NVIDIA. While NVIDIA has captured the attention of investors, now there is another opportunity with longer legs than a data-center revolution: embedding AI into the devices and services we use daily.

AI Startup Buzz Is Facing A Reality Check — WSJ

Almost a year into the boom ignited by the November launch of ChatGPT, some startups that epitomized the zeal for so-called generative AI are now navigating layoffs and reduced user interest. Investors are unsure whether the new crop of AI startups will be able to survive, especially as tech giants such as Microsoft and Alphabet’s Google solidify their dominance over the technology.

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End Of Photoshop? ChatGPT Now Edits Photos!

Say Goodbye To PowerPoint And Google Slides: AI Is The future Of Presentation Creation 🧵

Web Development Market To Hit $3B By 2028: Start Your Web Development Agency With AI 🧵

Ways AI Can Help You Make Money Online In 2023

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AI-Generated Art Sells For Millions Only Trained On A Few Images 🧵

Flying Cars Are Here: China's Xpeng Gets Permit For eVTOL AeroHT X2

ChatGPT Is Unlocking Secret Opportunities To Make Money 🧵

EmbedAI: The Future of Chatbots Is Here 🧵

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