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  • 🚘 Tesla's New AI Ace Up Its Sleeve! 🎈 Vegas Sphere's $2.3B Debut Turns Heads! 📊 Goldman Sachs Bullish on AI, Bubbles Be Damned!

🚘 Tesla's New AI Ace Up Its Sleeve! 🎈 Vegas Sphere's $2.3B Debut Turns Heads! 📊 Goldman Sachs Bullish on AI, Bubbles Be Damned!

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🤖 AI And The Markets

Goldman Sachs Anticipates Strong Performance in AI, Rejects Bubble Concerns - Investing.com

"We are convinced that we are still in the early phases of a new technology cycle, which is poised to deliver additional strong performance." --This surge is linked to the economic opportunities presented by generative AI, a subset of AI focused on generating content using large language models. Previous reports suggest that generative AI could contribute up to $4.4 trillion to the global economy.

How Tesla’s New Supercomputer Could Upend the AI Race - Investor Place

Morgan Stanley upgraded Tesla stock with a Street-high price target of $400. Its reasoning? Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer will unlock $500 billion in economic value. If Dojo is the “real deal —and we know it doesn’t use Nvidia GPUs.” – we think Dojo is – then this could mark the end of Nvidia’s rule as the leader of the AI Boom.

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