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🌟 Zuck's AI Metaverse 📉 Today's Market vs. 2008 🖼 AI Sketch-to-Code

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🤖 AI And The Markets

Market Looks An Awful Lot Like Disastrous 2008, Top JPMorgan Strategist Says -Forbes

Today’s market conditions “rhyme with 2008,” according to a JPMorgan group, specifically citing the rapid increase in interest rates and the relatively bullish prevailing sentiments among investors despite a laundry list of worrisome signs. --“Going into the crisis in 2007, investors were discussing the exact same topics as today: Fed pause, consumer resiliency, soft landing, strong jobs,” noted JPM, reprinting a January 2007 note from his bank warning about the lingering impact of higher rates to prove his point. More facts are noted in the article.

Zuckerberg Can't Quit The Metaverse And May Use AI To Create It - Daily Upside

While many have written the concept off, the company continues to go after patents for AR, VR and XR-related hardware and software inventions, including things like eye-tracking capabilities, methods to reduce glitching and latency, and ways to track advertising engagement in virtual experiences. Plus, with the arrival of the Meta Quest 3 and the company’s Ray-Ban smart glasses debuted at Meta Connect this week, artificial reality still seems a big part of the company’s vision.

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